Press Releases

Prevent Firearm Suicide

May 14, 2020

“Today’s news of continued significant unemployment and devastating job loss increases the risk of gun suicide. History has shown us that economic uncertainty and the elevated stress that comes with it can lead to a rise in suicides. The reports of increased gun sales in America only increases the danger.

Prevent Firearm Suicide

Apr 15, 2020

Our four point plan to address firearm suicide during this period of isolation, economic uncertainty, elevated stress, and increased alcohol use.

The Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence Marks National Public Health Week

2018 CDC Data Report

Feb 13, 2020

“The new 2018 Centers for Disease Control (CDC) data illustrates America’s gun violence public health crisis. For the second year in a row, American firearm deaths remained relatively steady at an all time high. In our new report, Gun Violence in America: An Analysis of 2018 CDC Data, the Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence examines the deadly toll of gun violence that kills 103 Americans each day.

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