February 1, 2022 


Adam Peck, West End Strategy Team, 202-531-6408

The Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence Recognizes Black History Month 2022

Meaningfully addressing gun violence requires equitable solutions that center the lived experiences of impacted communities

WASHINGTON — The Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence (EFSGV) marks the start of Black History Month today by acknowledging the ways gun violence disproportionately impacts Black Americans, and reiterating the organization’s commitment to advocating for equitable solutions to the gun violence epidemic that center the lived experiences of impacted communities. Additionally, in the coming weeks EFSGV will be making an announcement about new efforts to center equity in gun violence prevention advocacy.

Gun violence in the United States has a dramatically disproportionate impact on Black Americans. In 2020, the number of Black women who died by gun homicide rose by almost 50% from the year prior. In that same year, young Black men between the ages of 15 and 34 were more than 20 times more likely to be killed by a gun than their white counterparts.

Lauren Footman, Director of Outreach and Equity at EFSGV said:

“As we celebrate Black History Month, we as Black Americans are still waiting for the arc of the moral universe to bend towards justice. Until it does, we stand with even greater determination to challenge ourselves and society to live up to the promises of the American dream. We must create a world where neither an individual’s race, ethnicity, zip code nor tax bracket will determine the trajectory of their lives. Ending the daunting reality of gun violence, which disproportionately impacts Black communities, must be central to our efforts.”

Josh Horwitz, Executive Director of EFSGV said:

“As a national organization working to make gun violence rare and abnormal, the Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence is committed to addressing gun violence as a racial justice issue, as well as a public health issue. Fighting for equity is a key component of any holistic effort to address gun violence. Therefore, we recognize the need to uplift and engage with solutions that are community-driven, and reaffirm our commitment to working with local leaders to achieve this goal. During Black History Month and every month, we stand with our partners in the movement for racial justice, and share their hope that together we can build a safer, more equitable future for all Americans.”

About the Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence

The Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence (EFSGV) develops and advocates for evidence-based solutions to reduce gun injury and death in all its forms. EFSGV uses a public health and equity lens to identify and implement evidence-based policy solutions and programs to reduce gun violence in all its forms and to make gun violence rare and abnormal. EFSGV is the gun violence prevention movement’s premier research intermediary and founder of the Consortium for Risk-Based Firearm Policy, a group of academics and practitioners who collaborate to develop innovative recommendations for policymakers.