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Gun Violence Research

May 08, 2019

“In 2017 alone, 39,773 Americans were killed by firearms. In this same year, firearm deaths accounted for 939,964 years of life lost before the age of 65; this is more than diabetes, stroke, and liver disease combined.“In order to effectively prevent gun violence, we need strong research grounded in public health to inform evidence-based policy, laws, and programs. Just as public health research has played an instrumental role in curing diseases and reducing traffic deaths, it can also reduce gun violence."

The Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence Marks National Public Health Week

Apr 05, 2019

Ed Fund Press Release

Dec 07, 2018

“In 2017, nearly 109 people died every single day from gun violence. Gun violence is a public health epidemic that requires a public health solution, which is why we must immediately enact and implement evidence-based interventions - like permit-to-purchase policies and extreme risk laws.

“Gun violence has been part of our day-to-day lives for far too long. It is way past time that elected leaders at every level of government work together to make gun violence rare and abnormal.”

EFSGV Statement on CDC Suicide Report

Nov 29, 2018

“Suicide -- especially firearm suicide -- is a public health crisis. Though today’s report does not discuss suicide methods, we know that half of all suicide deaths involve guns, and guns are the most frequently used method of suicide."

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