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Extreme Risk Protection Orders: New Recommendations for Policy and Implementation. October 2020.

Supplemental materials: fact sheetexecutive summarycomplete recommendations, press release

Breaking Through Barriers: The Emerging Role of Healthcare Provider Training Programs in Firearm Suicide Prevention. September 2017.

Supplemental materials: executive summary

Firearms Removal/Retrieval in Cases of Domestic Violence. February 2016.

Guns, Public Health, and Mental Illness: An Evidence-Based Approach for State Policy. December 2013.

Guns, Public Health, and Mental Illness: An Evidence-Based Approach for Federal Policy. December 2013. 


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Academic Papers About the Consortium

In addition to drafting policy recommendations, fostering academic collaborations, and prompting new gun violence prevention research, the Consortium’s unique, multidisciplinary approach to turning research into evidence-based gun violence prevention policy has itself been studied. Learn more through the following papers:

Horwitz J, Grilley A, & Kennedy O. (2015). Beyond the academic journal: Unfreezing misconceptions about mental illness and gun violence through knowledge translation to decision‐makers. Behavioral Sciences & the Law.

McGinty EE, Frattaroli S, Appelbaum PS, Bonnie RJ, Grilley A, Horwitz J, … & Webster DW. (2014). Using research evidence to reframe the policy debate around mental illness and guns: Process and recommendations. American Journal of Public Health.