New Website Provides Vital Gun Violence Prevention Resources

The Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence’s new website compiles public health research, data, and evidence-based policy recommendations to address the American gun violence epidemic.

The Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence (est 1978) — affiliate organization of America’s oldest gun violence prevention organization the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence —  is proud to announce a valuable new tool for those seeking to understand gun violence:

The new site will serve as a comprehensive resource for gun violence prevention advocates, activists, and organizations, as well as researchers and reporters. It compiles data, research, and evidence-based recommendations for addressing America’s gun violence epidemic.

Each “Learn” page includes a downloadable “Quick Facts” section summarizing the content, in-depth analysis of each topic, a recommendations section, and a section containing additional research, materials, and other resources related to each topic.

We will continue to add resources and pages over the coming months, but our initial launch includes in-depth analysis of the following areas:

  • Types of Gun Violence
    • Gun Violence in the United States
    • Firearm Homicide
    • Firearm Suicide
    • Community Gun Violence
    • Domestic Violence & Firearms
    • Nonfatal Gun Violence
    • Mass Shootings
    • Unintentional Shootings
  • Policies
    • Assault Weapons & Large Capacity Magazines
    • Extreme Risk Laws
    • Lethal Means Safety Counseling
    • Universal Background Checks
  • Learn More
    • Gun Violence Research
    • Mental Illness & Gun Violence
    • Public Health Approach to Gun Violence
We hope that this website will be utilized to educate the public and identify public health solutions that policymakers and communities can use to make gun violence rare and abnormal.