Study: Delaware County Leads State in Gun-Related Death Rate

Westchester County has Lowest Rate of Gun Homicide in New York State

Delaware County #1 in New York State Gun Deaths

Westchester Has Lowest Gun Homicide Rate In State, New Data Shows

Suicides, low population drive area to worst of state in gun deaths

New Research Shows Red Flag Gun Laws Save Lives, But They Stop Suicides, Not Mass Shootings

"Alaska for such a sparsely populated state has a huge suicide and a high homicide rate. And it is a shame. What I think is important about the approach is it is a temporary approach, and it gets people when they are in the heat of a crisis."

“Thousands of people would be alive today had they not had easy access to a gun while in crisis,” said Horwitz in an email to on Thursday. “We look forward to expanding this life-saving tool to other states in the coming year,”

In the Wake of Gun Violence Debate, Christina Grimmie’s Death Adds to Conversation