Ed Fund Staffers Author Chapter in New Book on Guns and Mental Health

Guns and Mental Illness imageEd Fund Executive Joshua Horwitz, Legal Counsel Kelly Ward, and former Public Health Fellow Anna Grilley have coauthored a chapter entitled “Preventing Gun Violence: Decreasing Access to Firearms during Times of Crisis” in the recently published book, Gun Violence and Mental Illness.

In the chapter, the authors argue that policies focused on prohibiting individuals at elevated risk of violence from purchasing/owning firearms are effective at preventing violence, and are likely to be deemed constitutional by America’s courts.

One policy the authors find great promise in is the Gun Violence Restraining Order (GVRO), which allows family members, intimate partners, or law enforcement to petition a court to temporarily prohibit an individual from possessing/purchasing firearms if there is evidence that individual is in crisis—for whatever reason. The authors write, “The GVRO will encourage policy makers, law enforcement, the courts, and the broader community to recognize the multiple risk factors associated with violence instead of simply ascribing tragic acts of irrational or interpersonal violence to mental illness or disorder.”

You can purchase a copy of the book on the American Psychiatric Association website.

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