Press Releases

Ed Fund Statement: Lifting Gun Violence Research Ban is a Necessary Step

Mar 09, 2017

“We are committed to listening to research and crafting life-saving policies based on what data tells us about risk factors for violence. We are pleased to hear that Representative Murphy and others are also committed to this common-sense, data-driven approach.”

January Background Checks Down 25 Percent from Previous Year

Feb 03, 2017

“While NICS checks tend to decrease in the new year, it is interesting to see such a significant change from one January to the next,” said Ed Fund Executive Director Josh Horwitz. “We don’t yet know whether the decrease is due to the change in administration, but we will continue to monitor this trend, explore possible contributing factors, and make the numbers known.”

Law to Reduce Gun Deaths in WA State Goes Into Effect

Dec 08, 2016

A new law that allows family and law enforcement to temporarily remove guns from a person in crisis goes into effect in Washington state today.

“Speak for Safety” Campaign Launches to Educate Public on Law to Temporarily Remove Guns from Persons in Crisis

Nov 17, 2016

In California, 53 percent of all gun deaths are suicides, and roughly four suicides by a firearm occur every day. Often family members are the first to know when a loved one is in crisis and poses a potential risk to themselves or others. The GVRO offers family, household members, and law enforcement a process to remove firearms from someone in a temporary crisis situation.

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